Craft envy: what’s caught my eye recently?

Don’t you just love the internet? So useful for all sorts of things, not least for gaining a bit of inspiration and gasping at other people’s skill and ingenuity (and of course, cats). I could, and indeed do, spend a lot of time looking at blogs and wishing I had a) more imagination and b) more time to have a go at everything I see.

So here’s what’s been provoking my craft envy recently:

Owls. They’re frickin’ everywhere.

I like a good owl, and that’s probably a good thing ‘cos they’re all over the internet at the moment. You can knit them, crochet them, wear them or use them to decorate your home, but you can’t escape them.

Tasia of Sewaholic has knitted herself Kate Davies’ Owls jumper which uses cables and buttons to form the owls in the yoke. Tasia has omitted the buttons, but you get the idea. Now, I can do twisty cables but only in straight pieces of knitting. If I can learn to knit in shapes, I don’t think fancy cables is beyond the realms of possibility. This could be a project for the distant future.

 Tasia Sewaholic owl sweater

I also quite like this owl basket by Deja Jetmir, the pattern for which is available on Craftsy. I think it’s the pointy ears, the cute little beak and the subtlety of using a single colour. The pattern suggests that the finished product would be big enough to hold a bunch of towels, but I think this could work on a smaller scale with thinner yarn and a smaller hook. Hell, you could make a whole family of them!

Sticking with home decor, here’s an owl crochet rug with a bit of a 60s vibe (pattern available on Etsy). There are many owl rugs out there, but this one caught my eye due to the designer’s use of colour. It’s as if an owl mated with a parrot and had magical chicks. Anyway, you’re never going to see one in the wild, but does it really matter?

60s owl rug

Finally on the owl front, there’s hats! And cushions! Jess over at A Crafty Blog is going a bit nuts for owls too, having made some super-cute hats and cushions. The best thing? She’s posting tutorials!

Owl hats - a crafty blog

Crochet stitches for new skills

I’m quite new to Pinterest, but I’m pleased to see they’ve just introduced a new way to search and discover new things based on the things you’ve already pinned, and the boards you’ve followed. I’ve been finding all sorts of stuff I didn’t know existed and therefore didn’t know I wanted to try…  I can do all the basic stitches, clusters, popcorn, fans etc but it’s time to do something new and exciting. Search on ‘crochet stitches’ on Pinterest and you’ll see what I mean.

  • RippLutter Idyl ripple stitchle stitch – I forget where I spotted this stitch but I sought it out only to find that it’s on a Danish blog! With a bit of research I found out that the author has published in English too. After breathing a sigh of relief I bought the English translation of her book from Ravelry. I think a new hat to go with my basket weave scarf (more on that in a later post) is in order.
  • I like anything that doesn’t quite look like it’s crochet, so things like raised stitches and cables really take my fancy – would be interested to see just how much yarn they take up though…
  • I’m sure I have seen star stitch in a book of baby clothes I have. However, with the babies I know growing at unbelievable speeds it’s unlikely they’d be in that cute little duffel jacket for long.

And if anyone can tell me how to get a Pinterest button on this blog, I’d be very appreciative!

Granny ripple blanket

Again, I can’t remember where I saw this initially but someone pointed me to this blog post on how to expand on your granny square skills. I like a granny square, don’t get me wrong, but I like this fresh (to me at least) take on how to use the stitch. You can do a granny square. You can do a ripple. Why not put them together? There’s a tutorial here at the Lazy Hobbyhopper’s blog and I feel a blanket coming on.

Lazy Hobbyhopper granny ripple blanket


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