Craft envy: because TV ruined my imagination

Yes, TV ruined my imagination to the point where I can’t think of a decent intro to this post. So let’s just jump straight to it.

What has taken my fancy on the internet in the last month?

After last week’s quilting triumph, I really, really, really want to do some more. I don’t think I’m ready to make a bed-sized quilt just yet, so I’ve been looking in particular at some smaller projects that’ll spruce up my sewing space. OK, it’s the kitchen, and I do have to move out at the end of the day, so whatever I do has to be small and portable. I’ve been thinking of a quilted and bound mat for my sewing machine plus a sewing machine cover. The mat’s easy enough to do, but the cover’s the kind of thing I’d need a tutorial for. This one by Ros from Sew Delicious doesn’t look too taxing and I love the combination of prints and colours used too. It’s so going on the list.

Love the fresh prints used here. Nice cheeky nod to sewing there too. From Sew Delicious.

Nice cheeky nod to sewing there. From Sew Delicious.

Ooooh it's swishy and a little bit Downton Abbey! From

Staying with sewing, once again Tasia from Sewaholic has pulled it out of the bag and released yet another pattern I want to sew. Immediately. The Gabriola skirt would be a bit of a departure for me, fashion-wise, being a maxi. I’ve never tried on a maxi ‘cos I’m 5’ 4″ and therefore think I’m just too small. I need Chris to get things down from high shelves for me. Anyway, Tasia is small too – she can pull it off, so I’d like to give it a go. I like the swish of this skirt, plus the panels on the front give it  a bit of interest. Again, it’s going on the list, but only once I’ve got the Zinnia sewalong out of the way (is anyone else doing this? They only seem to be posting once a week and I’m getting a bit impatient…) and completed the Hollyburn skirt that’s been sitting in my pile of unfinished projects for a bit too long.

It might finally be pushing into spring now that it hasn’t rained in days and the sun’s out (must be time to crack out the BBQ), but that hasn’t stopped imake in Guernsey persevering with their year-long snowflake crochetalong. I am not feeling in the least bit Christmassy, but the intricacy of crocheted snowflakes is a draw for me. The ladies of imake are using patterns from 100 Snowflakes to Crochet by Caitlin Sainio and are suggesting two or three snowflakes per month. They’re so pretty and delicate that I have to confess that I’ve bought the book and had a go at a couple. I rarely use yarn lighter than DK or a hook smaller than 4mm, so using crochet thread on a 1.5mm is a bit of a challenge, particularly when it’s so easy to split the threads with the hook. But they’re nice quick projects to work up – the advanced level ones only take about an hour at the most to complete and they look gorgeous when they’re done. I’m thinking that they’re going to be some sort of Christmas decoration come December – perhaps tree decorations or a long chain to drape over things. Anywho, I’ll do another post on these closer to the time. I need to block what I’ve done already as they’re a bit crinkly at the moment.

Oooh delicate and pretty! See for more info.

Oooh delicate and pretty! See for more info.

Finally, I love this idea for using loose foreign change from the Turning Stones blog. Having just been on holiday and come back with yet more small change in euros, this seems like a nice idea. I’ve got a small drawer full of loose change, and let’s face it, I’m probably not going to go back to Brazil or Japan anytime soon. And if I do, I’m not going to worry too much about packing the coinage. Indiri has put her coins straight onto what looks like an MDF backing, but I think they’d look good on a black background instead. It’s a simple yet effective idea and would finally make use of something I can’t quite bring myself to get rid of.

I also like it 'cos it's a bit shiny. From Turning Stones.

I also like it ‘cos it’s a bit shiny. From Turning Stones.


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