The evening-and-a-bit blouse

Just a brief post from me this evening. I wanted to get this up tonight because a) I’m really pleased with it and b) WordPress are going to start bugging me about not hitting my posting goal for this week.

Anyway, ta-dah! I made the Afternoon Blouse by Jennifer Lauren Vintage over the course of an evening and a bit! It’s a lovely new PDF pattern that’s super quick, super easy and super cute. So super cute that I’ve spent a decent chunk of this evening prancing about in front of the mirror in mine. Y’know, checking that it looks good tucked in and untucked (it does), checking that it goes with all my shoes etc… Fortunately for you guys (and probably me, too) no photos of this prancing exist because my photographer is out at the pub at the moment and I am not a fan of the mirror selfie.

Anyway, I’ll post more on this when I can get Chris to take some pics, but for now I’ll just say that this is a great pattern that’s simple for beginners, and it’s well worth a shot. Go and try it now!



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