Jo’s first sewalong – the Belcarra blouse

After the Zinnia sewalong proved to be a bit of a non-starter (it started in February and it looks like it’s still going…), I’m pleased to see that Sewaholic have announced that their next sewalong will be for the Belcarra blouse. It just so happens that it’s on my sewing list, and it just so happens that they’ve just released the pattern in pdf format. I know some much prefer a classic paper pattern, but pdf versions are so convenient especially for a lazy bum who doesn’t want to leave the house. I bought mine directly from Sewaholic, which cost me about £5.50 – I’ve seen the paper version in online shops for £13. It’s a bit of a no-brainer, even if you do have to fanny about with sellotape for about an hour before you have a usable pattern.

Anywho, I’m going to be joining in the sewalong which starts on Tuesday and finishes in the first week of June. I quite fancy view 2 which has some fancy tuck details on the shoulder, but with the majority of the actual sewing scheduled to take place during my week off I could end up making several different versions for all sorts of occasions. I could always do with some plain/neutral tops so making this in black or white would be a useful addition to my wardrobe, but if there’s a print out there that’s screaming to be used, who am I to ignore the call?

Belcarra blouse view 2 - check out for more versions

Belcarra blouse view 2 – check out for more versions

I’m looking forward to the process, but what I am currently most excited about is the fact that I’ve managed to attach the sewalong button to my sidebar. Check it out! Well done me.

I had hoped to make a Hollyburn skirt this weekend (I have the fabric all ready), but I’ve been having a busy time of it recently. This morning I went to see the wedding dresses exhibition at the V&A (I saw Kate Moss’ dress, and Gwen Stefani’s but my favourite was the muslin dress from the Regency period – very Pride and Prejudice) and then spent the afternoon having a very important playtime with my goddaughter. This evening is Eurovision and then tomorrow a shitty week of work will kick off with me having to go into the office. On a Sunday. Humph. The Hollyburn will just have to wait till next weekend.


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