Belcarra sewalong done! Woo!


Nice and loose for the summer, but it’ll look ace tucked into a skirt for work

It’s a good job this is not a smelloblog, cos I smell strongly of campfire this evening. Tonight I built a fire with the Guides and boiled up a billy of water to make hot chocolate. On the hottest day of the year so far. Anywho, I need to show you my finished Belcarra this evening so I can post it on the Sewaholic site before the deadline. I actually finished this on Sunday but it’s been sitting in the laundry basket since then waiting to be put through the wash. That’s not going to happen till tomorrow, cos I’m lazy, so I’ve given my finished blouse a quick iron and hang the red chalk marks on my shoulders.

I really enjoyed doing the sewalong – it was nice to take my time over a project, and although I probably could have managed it easily with the pattern instructions, Caroline’s extra detail was really helpful.

I cute a straight size 8 and sewed this up without making any alterations to the pattern. It fits me fine, and will look nice tucked into a skirt for work, but I think I could get away with a 6 in the body, but perhaps not on the sleeves (I need to work on my bingo wings). I think I’d also narrow the neckline a little, but I’m generally not too bothered about showing my bra straps. It was my first time sewing pin tucks – my left sleeve is a little out, but my right sleeve is perfect, so not sure what went wrong there. I also didn’t turn up the sleeve cuffs as suggested as I like the extra length.

Yeah, slightly wonky, but what're you gonna do?

Yeah, slightly wonky, but what’re you gonna do?

I used some unknown fabric from Classic Textiles on Goldhawk Road that’s a little bit slippy but has a nice drape (maybe rayon?). I really like it and wish I had more of it – it’ll look ace as a skirt lining or contrast pockets, so you may see it pop up here and there on other projects.

All in all, the Belcarra is a simple, fun blouse to sew. My version is going into regular wardrobe circulation for work, and there will be others. I’d like to make my own pyjama set, and this will work very nicely indeed in a nice, soft cotton. Watch this space!

Belcarra back

What’s next?
After my slight disappointment with my Moneta dress, I am DETERMINED to master knits. Luckily Colette Patterns have announced a sewalong themselves, so I’m going to make a hot pink version in a more stable knit. I’m also going to take on that bloody awful clear elastic, and goddammit I’m going to win! I am Jo, HEAR ME ROAR!



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