I tripped and accidentally entered my bank details…

I’ve been hearing talk of a summer stash busting exercise going on in the sewing blogosphere at the moment. Not in this corner, I’m afraid. I recently came into a little bit of money courtesy of some inheritance from my Grandma and after sensibly putting some of it in the bank, I treated myself to a bit of a stashbuilding exercise. I say a bit. I actually went nuts and bought quite a lot, but I promise I have plans for all of it!

I think Grandma would approve – while I don’t think she sewed all that much (I never saw her with a needle and thread), she was very much into handmade things and was a proficient knitter. She once went into raptures about a crocheted cushion I made her, so she was fully supportive of crafty endeavours. Anyway, I digress

Of all the online fabric shops, I have to say I think I love the Village Haberdashery’s site the most. They stock such a beautiful range of fabrics that it’s easy to rack up quite the bill. One of the things I like the most about their online shop is that the fabric can be filtered by type, so you can easily pick out knits, or voiles, or just their many, many quilting cottons. Their bricks and mortar shop in West Hampstead is also lovely, but a bit out of the way from Colliers Wood, so these were online purchases. Here’s what I picked up recently.  N.B. This isn’t even all of it. I’ve got some on pre-order too. Oops.

cherriesLazy Days – Cherry print

Of all my purchases, this is the one I think I am most excited about. I originally bought it with some more Margot PJ bottoms in mind, but then I thought about it a bit more and decided that it would make a beautiful bodice for another Anna dress. So the new plan is shorter PJs and an Anna dress with a blue skirt, and if I have enough fabric I’m either going to make some bias tape or the Brigitte scarf from Tilly’s book.

Pink chambray

pink chambrayYou may remember that I made my Zinnia skirt in green chambray. I think I need a pink version too for casual wear. I’m particularly looking forward to making it up properly – while my green version looks good from the outside and gets a lot of wear, it is a bit of a mess on the inside. I didn’t manage to sew the side seams down properly at both ends, so they twist and I feel result the pockets pull the wrong way as a result. The seam finish could be a lot neater too – this was before I got my overcast foot, so I zigzagged it and there is a fair bit of fraying which isn’t ideal on chambray. I prepped the raw edges of this fabric with it before chucking it in the wash and it worked a treat – not a single loose thread anywhere. One day I’m going to dedicate an entire post to my overcast foot. It is truly wonderful and gets a hell of a lot of use.

Honey dipper cotton

honey dipperI bought the last two metres of this funky pattern made up of honey dippers arranged into hexagons – just like a beehive. I see what they did there. My original plan was to make a Mortmain dress with this, but my fabric is in one 50cm piece and another of 150cm. I’m going to see what I can do with a bit of creative laying out, but my back up plan is to make the box pleat skirt from the second Great British Sewing Bee book and have a go at pattern matching.

Flight voile

flight voileThis blue/green/grey fabric is most probably going to be a Wiksten tank (after five versions I thought it was time to branch out from the Sorbetto).Anyway, it’s a lovely weight for summer, so I see this getting a lot of wear in the coming months.

Fabric from other places

Mint green cherry blossom print cotton

jl mint cottonOh, man, this is so girly but so lovely. John Lewis have some beautiful prints at the moment – I think as part of their 150th anniversary – and this is one of them. This is much girlier than I generally go for, but I am going to make a dress for special occasions with it. At some point this year my goddaughter will get christened (at the moment I am really Godmother Elect), so I will need something lovely to wear, potentially another Mortmain or something with quite a full skirt. Maybe I’ll have a go at the Sew Over It Betty dress? Anywho, the results will probably also make an appearance at weddings and other important events.

Navy blue polka dot crepe

Navy polka dotI picked up this little lot from my trip to Goldhawk Road and it was one of two polka dot purchases that week. Cos let’s face it – who doesn’t love a polka dot? This stuff is super slippery, but therefore has an excellent drape. It is destined for a summer skirt and I currently have the shortest version of the Sewaholic Hollyburn in mind. I do have a lot of this stuff so I might just have to make up a Simple Sew Dottie Blouse too – free in this month’s Love Sewing magazine. I’m not a big fan of the magazine (too many little projects, not enough dressmaking or features) but I do love a free gift. Seriously. I once went out of my way to get a bottle of coconut water, which I don’t even like, just because it was free. Nevertheless, I probably won’t be wearing the skirt and the blouse together. Or maybe just the once for laughs.

So this, the stuff that I’ve got on pre-order and the tartan on acid fabric I got the other day are all going to be keeping me very, very busy over the next few weeks/months/years. I’m now thinking that imposing a fabric ban on myself until I make at least one garment out of each would be a good idea. Get out clause Disclaimer: lining fabric and interfacing does not count.


11 thoughts on “I tripped and accidentally entered my bank details…

  1. fallfromgrace349 says:

    what gorgeous goodies! that cherry blossom print is so beautiful, not surprised you couldn’t resist. Im sure your Grandma would take pleasure in knowing you were enjoying your purchases. My gran pretty much said in her will ‘I just want you all to have fun’, most grannies just want a smile on their grandkids faces dont they? 🙂

  2. Caroline Joynson says:

    Go Jo with your stash-building. Loving it!!
    The flight voile is gorgeous and a polka dot is a classic (essential basic in any sewers stash).
    I think the cherry print would make great Margot short PJ’s.
    Looking forward to seeing your creations ; )

  3. Amanda says:

    Hi! I love the John Lewis too. I made a pink coat and used it for the collar and cuffs. I wish I had got enough for a dress too! You have some great sewing on here. I love your style! 😃

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