Hot summer Hollyburn

Hollyburn front 1

London. New York. Paris. Milan… Redhill???

Sheesh kebab, it’s hot! Aside from spending some quality time with a mega-report for work, one of the reasons I’m working from home this week is that it’s just too hot in the office at the moment. At home no-one cares if I’m sitting in my shorts and t-shirt, or if I’ve got my feet in a washing up bowl of cold water in an attempt to cool down (top tip – it really does work!). With ready access to the freezer and a decent supply of ice, the only thing that is making this week less than wonderful (besides the work) is that our wifi doesn’t stretch down to the garden. Hey ho.

All this hot weather and lovely sunshine calls for light summer clothes. You might recall this lovely navy polka dot mystery fabric from my stashbuilding exercise. It’s been turned into a summer weight Hollyburn!

Princess Diana see through skirt

Not sure why people made such a fuss about this photo. I can see the headlines now… Woman: has legs, carries children.

I love this fabric as a Hollyburn. It drapes so nicely, it feels really light and it’s got a lovely swish. It’s, ahem, mostly opaque so if I stand in front of a light source I risk having a bit of a Princess Diana moment going on, but I am pretty much ok with that. It’s just so light and breezy! I particularly like how the fabric makes it practically unrecognisable from my other Hollyburn – because the other one is a cotton twill it stands to attention, whereas this one floats about making it a bit more casual. And you know the best thing about it? It doesn’t crease. AT ALL. By the time these pictures were taken I’d done a full day at work, including sitting for three hours in a traffic jam on the M25, and there is not a single crease. Win.

Hollyburn back 1

See that? Not one crease! Even after a long, long time sitting on my bum in a nasty traffic jam!

I don’t have a lot more to say construction wise. It came together really easily and despite being quite a slippery fabric I didn’t have many problems. Nevertheless there are a couple of things I’m not completely pleased with. I used a royal blue zip instead of a navy one because that was what I had to hand. You can see the zip from the back and although it’s neatly sewn it looks a bit odd – i.e. not close enough a match to look right, and not odd enough to make it look like a deliberate feature. If I was doing it again I’d use a yellow or red zip to make it pop, but I won’t lose sleep over it – after all, it’s at the back so I can’t see it!

Hollyburn side 1

This posing’s just getting silly.

The other “issue” was that the machine seems to have skipped some stitches on the seams, so I’m going to have to go back and get them fixed. It’s a quick and easy job, just a bit annoying that I didn’t notice it until I wore it!

These are small problems though, and I have to say I am a big, BIG fan of this skirt. It’s going to be getting a lot of wear over the summer, especially if they don’t sort out the air con at work!


3 thoughts on “Hot summer Hollyburn

  1. Caroline Joynson says:

    I really like your new Hollyburn skirt Jo. As you say it looks totally different from your first Hollyburn which is good news in my book (it’s like having two skirt patterns for the price of one).
    Loving the posing at Redhill station – the glamour of sewing blogging!!

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