Just checking in…

Eeek! It’s been so long since I posted on here I’m almost embarrassed to show my face! The last time I posted it was about the end of the Commonwealth Games and now Scotland might be a WHOLE OTHER COUNTRY (seriously Scotland, you’re great, your Edinburgh rock is delicious and I know an ex-pat Scot who’d be devastated if they slapped import duty on Irn Bru, so do the right thing and stay in the Union today).

So anyway, where have I been? It’s not that interesting really – it’s been a ridiculously busy summer which has seen me working some silly hours staring at Excel sheets. I love me some conditional formatting, but even I have my limits. It’s all meant that I’ve got a bit fed up with computers recently and I’ve not been motivated to post anything at all. I am in dire need of a holiday, so it’s a good job that I am off to Italy for two weeks on Saturday!

But this lack of blogging doesn’t mean that I haven’t been making stuff! I’ve actually been really busy and have quite the backlog of projects to photograph and write up. In the past six or seven weeks I have made:

– a skirt
– a wrap top
– a kimono
– a dress
– a t shirt
– several woollen things that could pass as scarves
– innumerable knitting samples

So it’s not like I’ve been sitting idle. And while a lot of people out there in blogland are starting to think about their autumn sewing, a lot of what I’ve seen recently is summer weight because I’M GOING ON HOLIDAY THIS WEEKEND!!! I’m going to try and wear as much handmade stuff as possible, and I’m going to try and post about it while I’m out there. So watch out for pics of me pretending to push the Leaning Tower of Pisa over like all the other tourists, or in front of the Colosseum. Like all the other tourists.

Finally, I’ve also recently acquired a dress form. She hasn’t got any legs at the moment so she’s a little wobbly, but she’s perfectly good for tops. It also took a little while to work out how to adjust her measurements. I haven’t used her so far apart from to display the things I’ve made, but she’s going to be so useful for fitting and things. I think I’ll call her Elsie. Here she is sitting on top of our nest of tables – also recently acquired.



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