Longing for Lilou

Sewing for a deadline. Is it a good idea? I think not. I have my work Christmas party on Thursday and I decided I’d make myself a party dress to see me through the festive season. I originally decided I’d make one for a work do I had last week but then I sprained my ankle (long story) and didn’t have time. Anyway, after the success of my Mimi blouse I thought I’d give the Lilou dress a go out of Love at First Stitch.

I’ve been working on it for the last couple of days now and it’s just not right yet. Although it corresponds to my measurements, the bodice is too large everywhere but the bust (where it actually fits pretty nicely! Small victories…). It’s about two inches too big round the waist which has resulted in a bunch of extra fabric round the back. I think I could get away with a size down in the bodice with a full bust adjustment. I also could have been a bit better at lining up the seams at the waist over the zip, so I’ll go back and rectify that too.

Looks like this one won’t make it to the Christmas party, but I do have a friend’s wedding to go to a week on Saturday so fingers crossed I’ll have it ready for then…


Does deadline-based sewing ever work for you?



6 thoughts on “Longing for Lilou

  1. sparkleneedles says:

    I hate sewing for a deadline. It takes all the fun out of it, and I find you make more mistakes and slow yourself down more than usual. It’s odd really, because in my non-sewing life I am entirely deadline motivated! I think sewing is my antidote to doing everything last minute at a hundred miles an hour. I’ll look forward to seeing your Lilou though 🙂

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