Trouser-making success!

After last week’s trouser-making disaster I needed a triumph. Shrinking those pants made me so angry with myself that I was determined to make a wearable pair in the leftover fabric. They’ve been playing on my mind on and off all week so I set yesterday aside for a bit of sewing redemption. And it all worked out OK in the end.

See that smile? It's tinged with relief.

See that smile? It’s tinged with relief.

Since it’s now the third time I’ve made up a pair of Ultimate Trousers, I winged it a bit. The construction is so simple I only needed to glance at the instructions every now and again to keep myself on track. Just like last time, the wool was easy to work with and they went together nice and easily. I really took my time with this one (though to be fair I was distracted by the arrival of a new Kindle) – I even catchstitched the hems and I’m not normally a fan of hand sewing!

There’s not much more I can say about them that I haven’t already said in my previous post. I’m pretty happy with the fit, I like the way they hang and they’re really comfy too. There are a few things I’ll change for next time though. I reckon I could probably take a teeny bit more out of the centre back to really perfect the fit through the waist – there is a little bit of gapage, but they’re completely wearable. The zip is also a mild annoyance to me – when the trousers are laid out flat it’s invisible, but when I’m wearing them you can see it, which suggests to me (and please correct me if I’m wrong) that I need to move it back a bit into the seam allowance. It also doesn’t help that it’s a black zip as opposed to green… Finally, finishing the seams on these trousers took ages. I used the mock overlock stitch as it seems to work a lot better for me than a standard zigzag, but it takes SO. LONG. And it takes up a hell of a lot of thread. For these trousers alone I used three and a half bobbins, so I think it’s time to get a proper overlocker. The next month or so at work is going to be ridiculously hectic and stressful, so if I make it out the other side in one piece, I have promised myself an overlocker so I can get stressed about learning to thread it instead of being stressed at work.

Not my best invisible zip and also not my best attempt at doing it up. It does zip up all the way to the top, it's just pretty visible too!

Not my best invisible zip and also not my best attempt at doing it up. It does zip up all the way to the top, it’s just pretty visible too!

So yes, I am pretty darn pleased with my Ultimate Trousers. It’s a great pattern and I have a few more pairs in the pipeline. These ones are going to be so useful for work, but they’re such a simple style and shape that they can be dressed up or down – whack a pair of heels on and they’ll take me from desk to bar. Winner.


They just won’t go anywhere near the washing machine.

So. Pleased.

So. Pleased.

My bum, nicely covered.

My bum, nicely covered.


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