Me Made May – week one

Soooo… we’ve come to the end of the first week of Me Made May. I only committed to wearing handmade garments for four days out of seven, so my round up is going to be quite quick! With some bad photos! Yaaaaay!


Saturday: Tilly and the Buttons Mimi blouse and Jennifer Lauren Vintage Cressida skirt. Two garments I absolutely love, so why not put them together?


Sunday: You might not be able to tell from this picture, but that’s one of my recent Grainline Scout t-shirts. And my lunch. I was starving by that point in the day.


Tuesday: My zigzag Scout. That background is the entrance to the kitchen at work.


Thursday: I cast my vote in my Colette Zinnia skirt.

I can’t say I’ve learned a great deal through this exercise so far, but then we’re only a week in. A lot of my handmade clothes straddle the boundary between work and leisure, so I have a good selection to choose from on a day to day basis. What will be telling will be the repeats – what I actually want to wear versus what’s sitting in my wardrobe. It might just be the basis of a cull!



6 thoughts on “Me Made May – week one

    • Jo Laycock says:

      I think my stiff quilting cotton Sorbettos might be first in the charity bag :-/ still love the pattern but those early editions don’t do it for me any more!

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