Paint your wagon

“Oh look, you’re ready for the prairie!” That’s what my beloved said when he saw my latest Sew Over It Grace dress. Thanks Chris, that’s just what I want to hear.

Gingham front

I follow Sew Over It owner Lisa Comfort on Instagram, and I will admit to some wardrobe envy. A couple of months ago she posted a photo of black and white houndstooth Grace dress, worn with a mustard cardigan, and it was love. I had to have one. Only problem was, I couldn’t find houndstooth fabric anywhere (granted I only looked on their website and in the shop in Balham, so I can’t say I looked very far), so I settled for black and white gingham, which I figured would do pretty much the same job, and was probably cheaper.

Since this is my fourth Grace dress, I don’t have a great deal to say about it. It might well be my new tried n’ tested pattern, and I reckon I can knock one of these together in less than a day now. I did a bit of light pattern alteration by rolling the shoulder straps in an inch and a bit – the straps on the original pattern fell down all the time so that needed fixing. I didn’t bother with the sash this time. On a practical level it’s not something I’ll wear on a day to day basis as I much prefer a belt cos they don’t come undone as easily.

I also lined the bodice with some white polycotton from my stash which I hand stitched in. Despite my usual hatred for hand sewing, I actually quite enjoyed it this time (oh Jo, you’ve changed). I sat down in front of the telly and took it slowly  – there were very few tangles and even fewer swears. However, in the interests of picking up new skills, the next time I make this dress (cos I’m not finished with it just yet) I’m going to have a go at sewing in the lining on my machine. I found a tutorial for the Sewaholic Cambie dress and the principle seems the same so shouldn’t be too difficult.

Gingham back

You see, it sort of matches at the top and then goes to pot around my waist. Ah well, I can’t see it.

I do love this dress, although my pattern matching needs more work. I sort of managed it down the back, but it could better. Next time I’ll try cutting the pattern through a single layer. But it doesn’t matter, cos I really love this dress. It was my first make of 2016 and I don’t think there’s been a week since that I haven’t worn it. I wear it mostly to work and with a cardi over the top it’s quite flattering. Winner.

Now all I need is farmstead of my own…

Gingham cardi

Man, I love me a cardigan


14 thoughts on “Paint your wagon

  1. Naomi says:

    My husband told me I looked like a lab assistant in something I’d made. We have a saying in our house (not as a result of that comment, but it applies): PYM – Pick. Your. Moment 😉 Cute dress! And your pattern matching looks pretty darn tootin’ good from here.

      • Naomi says:

        It was an upcycle of an old, men’s tuxedo shirt. He has regretted it ever since. I also had one top that he used to call my “prairie top” too! Funny in that it was a peach coloured, indian cotton blouse with white embroidery on it. They get easily confused don’t they!

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