Alright petal?

Just a quick one today to show you my two latest Scout tees that I’ve whipped up to get rid of some of the remnants in my stash. The Scout is quickly becoming my go-to pattern when I’ve got a spare metre of fabric and no idea what to do with it. It’s really quick, super wearable and crazily easy. I barely look at the instructions now, I’ve made it so many times.

Mint front resize

Prepare for some squinty photos. The sun came out today after a week in which we had snow in April (thank you Prince). Should’ve worn my sunglasses.

The first is a straightforward Scout – no changes to my usual sizes or anything. It’s French seamed throughout and I made my own bias tape. The real star is the fabric. I bought this voile from the Village Haberdashery about 18 months ago and then neglected to make anything with it (*slaps wrists*). It’s super silky to the touch and it’s so light it practically floats on to the ironing board. My favourite bit has to be the little gold triangles though – a touch of extra funkiness always goes down well. It also helped me to tell the right from the wrong side. Since the fabric is so fine, without the gold both sides would look pretty much the same.

Mint fabric close up

Mint green with gold triangles. I think it’s April Rhodes via the Village Haberdashery.

My second Scout has tulip sleeves which are really cute! I followed the tutorial in a recent issue of Love Sewing which has you redraft the sleeve based on the original pattern. I think this one’s a good way to show off detail using plain fabric, so I used some plum cotton lawn that had been lurking in the stash for just about as long as the other stuff.

Petal side resize

I can vouch that the other side looks exactly the same.

The hack itself is really easy. You just trace the two petal pieces from the original sleeve piece, lay them one over the other, making sure that the notches match and that they’ll both face the same way on the finished article, and sew. I contemplated French seaming this one, but I thought my machine might scream a bit with the extra bulk from the hem. So the armscyes are overlocked, but everything else is nice and neat.

Petal sleeve resize


The Scout really is a satisfying little pattern and I do wear mine all the time (prepare for a glut of them in the coming weeks for Me Made May). By my reckoning I’ve made seven now, so probably enough for a patrol or one for every day of the week? Either way, it’s probably time to give the pattern a rest for a while.

Have you sewn up multiples of a single pattern? Do you look at the instructions anymore?

Petal front resize

I finished this top this morning, just in time for the start of Me Made May 2016. And I wore it all day too.

14 thoughts on “Alright petal?

  1. Naomi says:

    I have a vintage simplicity pattern that I’ve used at least 5 times now, and a self drafted top pattern that would have been the basis of at least 7 garments by now. It’s awesome when you can just cut and go right?! Love your Ts. And that mint fabric is TDF!

    • Jo Laycock says:

      I know, it’s brilliant for when you don’t really want to think about what you’re doing! That fabric is gorgeous – shame you can’t feel it cos it is so silky!!

  2. Caroline says:

    Erm – Have I got a few Scouts?! Yes. It’s my go-to pattern too. I think I’m up to 8 variations now.
    The tulip sleeve is fantastic, such a sweet little detail and the mint fabric is lovely too.

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