Me Made May round up and Walthamstow walkabout

Right. My first weekly Me Made May round up (only a few days early…). Let’s do this thing!

Petal side resize

Day 1: my petal sleeved Scout. This one was fresh off the machine that morning and of course I HAD TO WEAR IT STRAIGHT AWAY.


Day 2: chambray Cressida skirt. Despite having a productive day sorting out my stash, I didn’t actually get dressed till about 5pm when I decided to go out for a walk. I got halfway down the street and had to come back. Anyway, still love this skirt cos it’s awesome.


Day 3: silk top copied from RTW. This one’s holding up well – nary a crease in sight all day!


Day 4: I can assure you that this is my most recent Anna dress. Unfortunately while out for my lunchtime walk a bird crapped on me, rendering the dress less than presentable. It leads me to think: what makes a garment lucky? Is it because something good tends to happen when you wear it, or does it become lucky because it features something lucky e.g. horseshoes, or in my case, bird poo? Either way, I’m buying a lottery ticket.

Walthamstow meet-up

Before Me Made May had even started, I joined a lovely bunch of ladies from the Fold Line for a fabric shopping trip to Walthamstow market. The day was organised by Kristy of Scientific Sewing and was so popular that 20 people showed up! It was great to catch up with people I’d met at other meet ups and/or sewing classes, and to chat with new people. Everyone was really friendly and talkative and we all had a good natter over lunch in the Chequers pub on the high street.

I’d never been Walthamstow for the market before, but I’d heard good things about the range and the prices. With the stash diet in mind, I went with a £30 budget and a list. And I mostly (mostly!) stuck to it.

Gingham square

Seersucker gingham for an Archer shirt


The famous Man Outside Sainsburys really lived up to the hype. He had the best selection of fabric on a single stall and was an effective salesman too – quick to point out that the sand washed silk I picked up (£7 per metre, destined to become a kimono and possibly a Sorbetto/self drafted top) came in several other colours and some recommendations for washing it. . I bought that silk and then wandered off to visit more stalls, but I went back for more, coming away with some gingham seersucker which will likely become a Grainline Archer shirt.

Silk square

Despite the crappy picture, this silk is beautiful.

I had a lovely afternoon, and I’m happy that I came away with some lovely fabric AND change from my budget. Definitely worth making a trip across town, now I just have to sew it all up!

Birds square

Birdy chiffon. £3 per metre. BOOM.

Border print square

This lovely border print is destined to become a fit n’ flare dress for one of those many weddings


5 thoughts on “Me Made May round up and Walthamstow walkabout

  1. Caroline says:

    Looks like you had a great day at Walthamstow Market with a nice selection of fabrics there. I am going to the stash swap / pattern swap on Friday 3rd June to part with some fabric and meet another bunch of lovely sewing ladies.
    We need a catch up soon – we seem to keep missing each other on SOI classes – have you any more you would like to do?

    • Jo Laycock says:

      Yes we do keep missing each other! I fancied doing the wrap dress class to conquer my irrational fear of knits, but it’s sold out on the day I wanted to do it. Are there any classes elsewhere you like the look of?

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