Shhhh! Secret separates!

You know what today is? Today is too nice to be indoors, that’s what today is! I’m started writing this in the back garden, where I was monitoring the barbecue while Chris made a salad. We had ALL the meat. Moroccan chicken kebabs, mini spiced lamb burgers and herby lamb steaks. It’s more than enough for two people in one sitting, so hello leftovers!

In between sunning myself and eating a small barnyard this weekend I’ve been working on those wedding outfits! Remember that swishy red skirt I made the other week? Well, I’ve made a matching top so with the skirt it sort of looks like a dress, but it’s so much more versatile as separates.

Simple top front

Coming soon to a wedding near you…

I wanted a simple top that would look good tucked into the skirt – so something flowy with a bit of floof, if you will. I turned to the Sew Over It Vintage book again for inspiration. It has some lovely drapey tops, but nothing simple enough to go with the skirt. Luckily, all the tops are based on an easy, loose fitting bodice block so I could make my own (with a bit of help from Chris, who took my measurements). There aren’t any darts to mess about with and it has kimono sleeves, so it really is just a case of transferring your measurements to paper.

I only needed two toiles before going onto the main event. The neckline on my first version needed to come in by an inch to cover my bra straps, and I dropped the waist line by another inch so that it hit my belly button – both of which I sorted out on the second toile. The only thing I changed from the block to the final top was dropping the hem a further eight inches to hit my hips and I added a facing to the neckline for a clean finish.

Simple top side

I’d show you back photos, but I have been experimenting with salt spray on my hair today and the back looks awful. The top is basically the same on the back as the front, so you’re not missing much.

The final top is made out of the same red crepe as the skirt. It’s a really easy sew. The most difficult thing was attaching the facing, and after that it was just a few straight lines and some hems. It’s super simple, but the fabric is what makes it special. The crepe flows and drapes really nicely, so it’s perfect for floofing out of the matching skirt, but it also looks good worn untucked with jeans, which is great cos I’ll get more wear out of it than just at the wedding receptions of 2016. And now I’ve got a block that can be made into loads of other tops, so wins all round!

Simple top dummy



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