Me Made May round-up no. 3

It’s Wednesday, so it’s time for another Me Made May round up! We’re now more than halfway through the month and while I’m enjoying wearing clothes I’ve made myself, I am getting a bit bored with taking daily photos (and let’s face it, some of them this week are bloody awful). I’ll persist though, because I am learning stuff.

Anyway, here we go with this week’s outfits!

12th resize

Day 12: My favourite Grainline Scout. This was taken on an impromptu night out with my old team, hence the awful photo. It was fun though, good to catch up on the gossip.


Day 13: Copied RTW top in butterfly cotton lawn. I love this one – really comfortable and easy to wear. Still persisting with the blue though.


Day 14: My gold shoes! These still feel a little tight over the top of my feet, so I wore them around the house all day to try and stretch them a little bit. But gold shoes are always awesome.


Day 15: My nautical viscose Scout. Let’s see if I can wear all my Scouts at least once during the month. I make that four so far. Only three more to go (and is it bad that I can’t think what the other three are??)


Day 16: My green Zinnia. Look! Some colour!! I do like this skirt – it’s about two years old and by now, cost per wear must be in the pence I wear it that much. As one of my earlier makes it’s not great on the insides and it has a small tear next to the zip, so I will retire it soon, but I need to make a new one and soon.

Day 17: I didn’t manage a photo yesterday, but I wore my black and white gingham Grace dress. 


Day 18: My first repeat – my purple Anna dress, which has been through the wash since the bird poo incident.

Since last week and all that blue I have been making a conscious effort to wear more colour. However, it’s hard to wear colourful me-made clothes when all you seem to have is blue! Colour aside though, I think I’ve got a good mix of handmade and casual work clothes – I’m not struggling to find things to wear in the morning, but I am picking a few things up that I’d like to make again, whether that’s to revisit a pattern or replace a well-loved garment. The sewing list grows ever longer…

How’s your Me Made May going?




8 thoughts on “Me Made May round-up no. 3

    • Jo Laycock says:

      Hehehe, thanks! I took a class which was great fun, but for a simple pair of flats I never realised how much work went into them. It’s quite an expensive hobby too so it was prob a one off.

    • Jo Laycock says:

      Thank you! I do love blue, but I feel like I’m ready for some colour now. With summer on the way it’s time to do something a bit brighter than navy 😉

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