I love sewing, but…

I like sewing. I think that’s pretty clear. I like finishing a project and having something lasting to show for it. I like it when the insides of my clothes are really neat. I like learning new skills, putting them into practice and getting better at them over time. But, we can’t love every single aspect of our hobbies, and man, are there some things that get my goat about sewing! Here’s my top three:

Bobbin running out of thread

I daresay I am not alone in this. You’re merrily sewing a line of stitching, you get to the end, back tack and clip your threads and then you turn your work over to see that the bobbin thread ran out halfway down the line. UGH. I have so many better things to be doing than stopping and rewinding the bobbin! I try to remember to wind two at the start of a project but sometimes I don’t have any extras so I run the gauntlet of frustration instead.

Empty bobbin

So empty. So sad.

Pinning and cutting out fabric

I love fabric. I love making it into things. But I hate pinning it and cutting it out. It takes so long! I just want to get to the good stuff and start running bits of material through my machine, but obvs you can’t do that unless you’ve got proper shapes cut out in the first place. I cut out on the kitchen table, which isn’t quite high enough either, so if it’s a particularly complicated pattern to cut out I can end up with a sore back. I’m looking at you, vintage shirt dress.


Skipped stitches

Another thing that ruins my flow is skipped stitches. What could be causing it? Incorrect tension? Poorly threaded needle? A dull needle? Wrong size needle all together? I feel like I have to go through every option every time to find out what the problem is, so I change the needle, rethread, sigh, rethread again… And then, once it’s sorted, I have to unpick my work and re-do it! Pesky needles.

Skipped stitches

So many skipped stitches. Why did I persevere? Seam ripper ahoy!

What could you do without in sewing?


18 thoughts on “I love sewing, but…

  1. Colesworth says:

    Oh the bobbin that runs out! At least I have a top loading machine now and can have a quick check between seams if I remember. On my old front loader it was a complete unknown! I often cut out on the floor and I joke that I should buy some knee pads.

  2. Lesley says:

    I hate hate hate printing, sticking and cutting out pdf patterns. I also hate how messy they look in my storage box. They’re just scruffy and annoying compared to the lovely little packets of other sewing patterns.

    Of course I’m aware that pdf patterns is a polarising issue!

    • Jo Laycock says:

      Ugh, yes! This would be my number four, closely followed by tracing paper patterns at five (so tedious but I don’t want to chop into the originals in case of adjustments…)

  3. Emily says:

    Ditto to all of yours! I hate cutting out stuff too! I also hate cutting all the threads at the end of sewing. No matter what I do there’s always a few I’ll miss!

  4. Jasmine Giblin says:

    I hate pressing fabric and seams, especially when it’s pinned in place and you get too close to the plastic heads…

  5. Sara-Lu says:

    Cutting out is a drag, but tracing my pattern to preserve the original is worse! I am planning to make the vintage shirt dress and now you have made me nervous-what makes the cutting out so bad?!

    • Jo Laycock says:

      Hehe it’s not that bad, just that there’s a lot of pieces and a lot to mark up. It’s just me being lazy! Great pattern though, it’s one of my favourite dresses now. What fabric are you using?

      • Sara-Lu says:

        I have a really fun fox print cotton to make the sleeveless versipn first! I am sure I will blog it sometime in the nearish future 🙂

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