On the cutting table: July

What’s on my cutting table this month? Exactly the same as what was on it last month, because I summarily failed to do any real sewing in June. It was a bit of a hectic month, with my last few weekends taken up with travelling and camping. Great fun, but it’s left me completely shattered.

Anyway, I’m back on it now and I’m continuing with my plans. Happily, it’s Indie Pattern Month over on the Monthly Stitch, so a lot of my sewing could end up on there too. If I can get it finished my Penny dress will be for the Dresses challenge, though I’m fast running out of time with a waist to finish, a hem to level and photos to be taken. It might end up as an amnesty post at the end of the month. My Winslow culottes are done and waiting for photos before the New to Me week and I may try and get my Carolyn pjs ready by the end of that week too, though I won’t push myself to get them done.

Sewing table

It’s never normally this neat.

Finally, thanks for all your responses on my last post on Love Sewing. It seems that many of you feel the same way, but several also pointed out the pressures that hobby magazines are under. It’s good to see things from both sides, so do go and check out the comments.


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