Clearly you’re not a golfer.

Last weekend Chris and I went to see the Big Lebowski at Seattle Outdoor Cinema. I like to think I have a few things in common with the Dude. I think a rug can tie a room together. I like cocktails, but I prefer a margarita to a white Russian. I also like spending most of my time in my pyjamas. And to be honest, a lot of my pjs are so old (erm… well-loved) that they’re beginning to look like the Dude’s. I don’t leave the house in them (I do have standards) but it’s time to put a bit more elegance into my lie-ins and lounging.


Goals. Source.

I picked up the Carolyn pyjamas by Closet Case Patterns a few weeks ago, attracted by the details – I’ve never done a notched collar, nor have I inserted piping before. It’s been pretty warm here over the last few weeks and sleeping in full length pjs is a bit uncomfortable so Version C with its shorts and short-sleeved top was the perfect option.


As luck would have it, the perfect fabric was sitting under my nose. One day, as I was enjoying a particularly long lie-in, it hit me – my Ikea duvet cover (the Nypronos – available in blue or grey) would make awesome pjs. Now, I wasn’t about to cut my duvet cover up just to scratch that particular itch. I took my scissors to a new set instead, figuring that I’d be able to get at least a pair of pjs each for me and Chris out of it, and then keep the pillowcases for their original purpose. I wasn’t wrong – so far I’ve only made the Carolyns out of it, but with around four metres of extra wide fabric to play with I think I can squeeze out a pair of full-length pj trousers for me as well. Not bad for $30, AND I reused the buttons!


I tried “come to bed” eyes but failed.

This was my first time using Closet Case Patterns and I was largely pleased with the experience. The pattern is well drafted, and almost everything came together easily. I appreciated the extra instructions about using piping and was so pleased with my first efforts that I immediately posted a pic on Instagram. The novelty didn’t wear off either – Chris probably got sick of me waxing lyrical about piping and how professional and neat it looks. That aside, I would have liked a bit more hand-holding on the notched collar, but Heather had included a detailed post on her website. I followed that and everything turned out peachily.


I made the shirt first and really took my time over it. I feel like it’s paid off, too. I’ve managed to pattern match, which doesn’t always happen on my makes. It’s a shame that the under collar isn’t the top collar, because the pattern matching on that is a thing of beauty. Part of the reason I’m so pleased with it all is the fabric. It is basically chambray, so sewing and pressing it was a dream (which is weird cos usually I hate ironing duvet covers). As a result it’s turned out really crisp, and once finished I was convinced I could wear it out in the real world. Chris then pointed out that I looked like a nurse, so that dream was crushed.

I left the shorts till last, mainly because I wasn’t sure about my pattern grading. To accommodate my child-bearing hips, I graded from a 10 to a 16 from the pocket notch. As they’re quite short shorts (i.e. the shortest shorts you will ever see me wearing), there isn’t a great deal of space to grade between sizes. This means that the cuffs don’t quite fit properly and stick out a little bit, but not enough to put me off wearing them. Next time I’ll take a proper look at the pattern and adjust accordingly but right now I’m just glad they fit round my legs!


Mike Rotch! Mike Rotch! Has anyone seen Mike Rotch! Seriously though, there’s a faux-fly in there if you look carefully.

So in short, I’m pretty enamoured with these pjs and I can see myself spending a LOT of time in them over the next few months. They are super comfortable and perfect for lounging about the house on lazy weekend mornings. When winter comes round I can see myself making more so I can gradually replace my tatty pyjamas with something a bit more put together. I hope the Dude would abide.


Attempting to pattern match my bedding.