Sew My Stash September – who’s with me?!

Guys, I’ve been inspired. I’m declaring next month to be Sew My Stash September on Stuff Jo Has Made. For the month of September 2017, I will only sew with fabric from my stash, using patterns that are already in my collection. 

I was listening to episode three of the Love to Sew podcast on stashes the other day and it got me thinking. Presenters Helen and Caroline were talking about the size of their stashes and how you could think of them as collections, rather than something to sew with. Now compared to some, I have a fairly modest stash with just 19 pieces. But with a sewing space as small and compact as mine I can’t afford to think of my stash in that way. I brought maybe seven or eight pieces of fabric with me from the UK, and I’ve not done too badly at using them since arriving in the US (see here and here). However, my stash levels have been creeping up a bit and if I buy any more I risk being swamped by fabric. It’s time to do something about it.

Boxed stash

This is my stash box. It fits in an Ikea Kallax shelf and there’s not much space left in it.

So for September I’m going to make a real effort to put a significant dent in my stash. For me, that means I won’t be buying any new fabric or patterns just to suit my whim. We’ll soon be in autumn which will suit many of my fabrics, and I’ve got plenty of choice between my paper patterns and my pdfs. I don’t need new fabric right now (even though I may want it). What I need is the impetus to shift some of that stash.

While I reckon a brief stash diet is completely doable, I’ve gotta give myself a loophole. I’m allowed to buy notions and linings, and free pdf patterns don’t count. Mainly because I’ve got vague plans to make some baby tights for some friends with the leftover jersey from my Agnes top and I’ve got no idea how to go about it.

Want to join in?

If you need some motivation to get through your stash, let’s do it together! If you’re like me, you bought that fabric because you love it and it deserves to be seen rather than sitting in a box in your sewing space. Use September as a good excuse to get it done. I’ll be posting my progress on here and on Instagram (@stuffjohasmade), so if you’d like to join in use the hashtag #sewmystashseptember or tag your blog post with Sew My Stash September. Hope to see you there!

25 thoughts on “Sew My Stash September – who’s with me?!

  1. Lynsey_makes says:

    Such a great idea, my stash is too big but I don’t have many autumn/winter fabrics which might be a problem. Thinking on packing away the summer fabrics to see what I have left and what I actually need.

    • Jo says:

      You don’t have to sew exclusively from your stash if you don’t want to – maybe pick something that’s been sitting there for ages and sew that up? It’s up to you what you do, but checking to see what you have left is a good idea – no point in putting the effort in if you’re not going to get any wear out of it!

  2. craftysewandsewindorset says:

    I’m so with you on this Jo! I swear I have an addiction to buying fabric! I’ve had to display the patterns I am going to make and know I have the fabric in my stash to stop me getting distracted!!

    • Jo says:

      Yes! Get involved! 🙂 Good idea to have that constant reminder of your plans – too often for me, fabrics can be out of sight, out of mind, which probably creates the stash black hole!

  3. Rosemary says:

    I have just found your challenge through Caroline,s blog and this looks like a great idea. Count me in!. It will be a great motivation to have a rummage through my stash and make some of the things I planned when I bought the fabric originally. It also occurs to me that I will have more room to fit in some new purchases…….

    • Jo says:

      Yay! The more, the merrier! I always buy fabric with an idea in mind but then if it stays in the stash for too long I often forget why I bought it in the first place! Looking forward to seeing what you make! 😀

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