Mediterranean tart: just something I threw together

A couple of posts ago I said I’d post about food every once in a while. My blog tagline is “Craft. Cookery. Mostly Sewing.” but I think in the four years I’ve been blogging I’ve posted once about food (crème egg brownies if you’re wondering. Wonderful, but so sickly). I love to cook, try new recipes and then stuff my face with what I’ve made, and sometimes I think my dinner is worth sharing. So, here’s the first in a very occasional series about what is filling my stomach right now. If you’re here for the sewing, don’t worry; it’ll be back in the next post.

I’m not very experimental in the kitchen. I generally don’t just throw ingredients together unless I know that I’m going to get a good outcome – a Masterchef-style invention challenge would probably have me in a nervous sweat. However, every now and then inspiration strikes and something I’ve cobbled together with a few ingredients from the fridge turns out to be a winner.

That’s what happened with this Mediterranean tart. I think I was making an apple pie or something and had some leftover shortcrust pastry. Usually I’d just use it for jam tarts, but we had no jam in the house. Not wanting to just chuck the pastry in the bin, I raided the fridge and found a bunch of leftovers – a handful each of spinach and cherry tomatoes, the end of a block of feta, half a red onion and some eggs. I decided I’d make some savoury tarts.

I sliced the onion up and softened them in some oil, wilted the spinach in the same pan, then stirred in the cherry tomatoes and feta. I cut the pastry into small circles and filled them with the mixture. Then I poured some beaten egg over to bind the mixture, added a bit of seasoning and baked for 20 minutes or so.

And for something I had just thrown together with some random leftovers, they turned out pretty well! I love the saltiness of feta, and when you hit a tomato you get a lovely, sweet burst of flavour.

I think I managed to get eight out of the leftover pastry, and they didn’t last the day (always the sign of a good bake). A few weeks later I made them again for a Guide function and had some lovely comments too. Since then I’ve tweaked the recipe slightly so I can make it into a larger quiche/tart, and it has served me well for a summer dinner. It’s also good the following day for lunch!

If you’d like to try making this, I’ve made a recipe card! Click here to download it.

Mediterranean tart

I probably need to get a bit better at taking pictures of food, but it tastes good, I swear!



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