I finished a UFO!

In a flush of enthusiasm, I’ve managed to finish something that’s been hanging around my UFO pile for around 18 months. Back when we moved into our Seattle flat, I made a gigantic quilt and then some cushions (unblogged, but you can see a pic here), and with the very last few scraps, I thought I’d make some placemats. Seriously, everything in the flat is so matchy-matchy it’s getting a bit silly.

Why yes, I did lay the table nicely for the purpose of these photos.

Anyway, for a long while, these six placemats were just pieced together tops, languishing in a corner. That was until the last Seattle Sews meet-up of 2018. I was trying to find a suitable project for the afternoon and didn’t have any clothing on the go, nor did I want to spend my time cutting things out. It was time to crack out a mini quilting project. I made the quilt sandwich and finished quilting them that weekend, experimenting with the design as I went (with varying degrees of success as you’ll see in the photos).

This one’s my favourite. I like the quilting.
And here’s the back. I like the navy blue with white thread for contrast – reminds me a bit of sashiko.

All I had to do was attach the binding. I had a lot of bias tape left over after finishing my gigantic quilt, though at an inch wide, it’s probably a bit too big for a small-scale project. But since I’m on a scrap-busting mission, why not use it? It’s the same colour as the backing, so I figure it’s not entirely noticeable. Sewing it on, however, took me ages. I’m not the biggest fan of hand-sewing and I really have to be in the mood to do it, but with Season 3 of the OC to finish, I found I had the wherewithal to get the job done.

I went a bit overboard with this one. There was no need to do so much quilting, but once I committed there was no going back.

Side note: I am re-watching the OC for the first time since university, and it is gloriously trashy. I still love Sandy Cohen and Julie Cooper is brilliant, but I really don’t remember Seth being that awful and I’m not sure why Summer puts up with him for so long.

Anywho, despite the ridiculous amount of time it took to finish this little project, I’m quite pleased with my efforts. They were a good little project to practice some techniques, and they look quite nice on the table. I don’t think quilting is ever going to be a major hobby for me, but it’s nice to dip your toe in something different every once in a while.

I quite like this one too.

And I finished a UFO! Someone give me a gold star.

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