My Make Nine 2019

Have you done a Make Nine this year? I’ve never participated before, but when I thought about it, there were a number of patterns and projects I wanted to try out this year. I’m a little late to the game in sharing them here (though I have shared them on Instagram), but here are the nine things I’d like to make this year.

I split my Make Nine into three categories: stuff for the home, casual wear and work wear.


  • The Closet Case Patterns pouf: I’ve explained why I wanted to make this in my previous post about tidying up my sewing space. In short, it’s because I want to get rid of my scraps, either by using them to make the pouf itself, or to stuff them in as filling. The fact that it’ll make a nice addition to my living room is really neither here nor there.
  • Two covers for my sewing machine: Again, another stashbusting project. I’m still using the plastic covers for my sewing machines and they’re horrid. I’ve been promising myself that I’ll make new covers for ages, and never actually got round to it, so this should give me the impetus to get them done.
  • Hannah Bass Needlepoint Seattle map: I love Hannah Bass’ tapestry maps. I got the Seattle streetmap for Christmas and so far have done most of the text, but need to crack on with the streets. I probably won’t make it into a cushion as the pic suggests, but I think it’d be a nice keepsake picture for my wall.

Work wear

  • Sew Over It Pussybow Blouse: This is another one I’ve been promising myself I would make for too long. It’ll be a nice project for the spring when the weather’s warming up but I’m not quite ready to ditch long sleeves.
  • Sew Over It Ivy Skirt from Lisa Comfort Magazine issue 5: I’ve had to part with a beloved skirt recently (more on that coming this weekend), and I need a new favourite work skirt. I like the wrap detail on this pencil skirt, and I have some wool to make it up in. I was thinking about lining it so it doesn’t stick to my tights, and I wonder if I can follow the same principle as the Tilly and the Buttons Arielle skirt.


  • Closet Case Patterns Ginger Jeans: I need a new pair of black jeans, and since making my (unblogged) first pair last year, I’d like to have another go and iron out the mistakes I made along the way. Having jeans that fit properly is a revelation and it’d be a shame to let those skills go.
  • Closet Case Patterns Kelly Anorak: I’m making the Kelly Anorak in my Make It Happen classes at Drygoods Design, so I know I’ll be able to cross at least one thing off the list! It’ll be my first coat, and I’m hoping to pick up some new skills and techniques.
  • Papercut Patterns Bowline Sweater: I love the detail on this top so much, and it looks like the pattern is a puzzle I’d like to try to solve. As ever, my imagination doesn’t take me much further than the picture, but I like the way the stripes work on the model, so it may be yet another stripy top for me.
  • Seamwork Oslo Cardigan: I’d like a long-line cardigan to snuggle up in, and this might fit the bill. I’ve made a couple of Blackwood Cardigans already, and I think this one might ring the changes.

In a fit of enthusiasm I’ve made a couple of these in the last few weeks, so I know already that my Make Nine grid won’t be a total disaster when I look back at the end of the year! What are you making in 2019?

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