Mrs Walton: “Your hat’s very well made, Joanna. Did your mum help you?”
Me: “No, miss, not at all.”

I have a confession to make. My mum did do my Textiles projects for me in Year 8 and Year 9. She did the sewing and I did the paperwork. I got away with it because I had such an innocent face.

Back in my teenage years I had absolutely no interest in craft and making things for myself. What was the point when you could just go out to the shops and buy stuff instead? I was crap at sewing and saw little use in improving. So my mum made that hat and that bag for me and I dropped Textiles like a lead balloon before anyone could find me out.

I went along quite happily until the second year of university when, out of the blue, I asked my mum to show me how to crochet. She taught me the basic stitches and I set about making square after square in squeaky acrylic to put together into a blanket big enough to cover a single bed. Although mum still had to sew it together for me (I hadn’t changed that much) it was something I had made by myself, and I was, if you’ll pardon the pun, hooked.

That’s now over ten years ago, and in that time I’ve improved my crochet skills, tried to teach myself knitting and ACTUALLY BOUGHT MYSELF A SEWING MACHINE. I now love making clothes for myself and other people. While my sewing skills might be quite basic, at least I’m enthusiastic about it and I’m improving, however slowly.

That’s what this blog is all about. I might not be anywhere near an expert, but we all know that God loves a tryer, so here are my attempts at making stuff.

If only Mrs Walton could see me now.

Filet lace cushion

This cushion is my favourite thing that I have ever made. Ever. From Essential Crochet by Erika Knight.

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