How I got on with Me Made May 2017

Here we are in June, so it’s time for that Me Made May round up I’ve been putting off!

This year I wasn’t sure how I’d get on – at least half of my me-made stuff is for work and as I am currently a lady of leisure my casual wardrobe needed to stretch further. I pledged to do five days a week, and I managed it without really trying that hard. Yes, there were a few repeats, but that’s just a reflection of how much I like those particular clothes (I’m looking at you, stripy Scout tee). I’m also a bit pleased that I managed to wear a mix of things – the weather here has run the full gamut of wet and windy to oh so very hot, so I’ve managed to bust out a summer dress or two as well as stuff for cooler temperatures.

So what did I learn? Well, I’m pretty obsessed with shirts and shirt dresses at the moment (you’re gonna be sick of seeing them over the next few posts) and I have a gaping trouser/short-shaped hole in my wardrobe. Not just amongst my me-made stuff. I have three pairs of jeans that I wear all the time, and that’s great from autumn through to spring, but I could do with something lighter for the summer. Shorts ahoy!

In general, I was pretty good at posting photos on Instagram every day, but I definitely petered out in the last few days. Here’s a quick round-up of my faves from the last few weeks.

5 Sew Over It Alex shirt stars

Alex shirt from week one


Deer and Doe Chardon

I went almost the entire month without doing a mirror selfie – this one, of my first Chardon, was from last weekend.

Deer and Doe Datura

We have a blackboard wall in our flat (because why not?) and this is one of my Deer & Doe Daturas.

Stripy scout

This stripy Scout tee is the most worn of the month – at least three times – which means it was constantly in the wash.

Ultimate shirt and Cressida skirt

There’s a post on this one coming up soon – I’ve made three So Over It Ultimate shirts since February and this white one is the shirt of my dreams. The skirt is the Jennifer Lauren Cressida.

Zig Zag scout

Scouts were a big feature of my month. This one also got worn several times cos it’s awesome and the print is funky.

The second part of my pledge was to finally cut into the silk I got last year from the Man Outside Sainsburys. My original plan was a Sew Over It Alex shirt dress, but I didn’t have enough to do it, so it ended up as just the shirt. I need to take photos of it, but it’s made and ready to be posted soon! Well done me.

Did you take part in Me Made May? What did you learn?


Me Made May 2017, Week One

One of the things I particularly like about Me Made May this year is that it began on a Monday. That means I should (*should*) be able to post an update of the previous week on a Sunday evening. So here I am with my first MMM post on a Tuesday morning…

Anyway, this week I have mostly been wearing (and mostly eating):

1 Deer and Doe Chardon

Food: carbonara with miscellaneous pasta

Day One: my anchor print Deer & Doe Chardon. I love this skirt. It’s constantly in the wash because I wear it so much. I love the chambray and the way it presses So. Damn. Neatly. And it seems to go with everything.

2 By Hand London Zinnia

Food: we got back late from the cinema so dinner that day was a couple of pizza slices from the takeaway up the road.

Day Two: a crinkly gingham By Hand London Zeena dress. I don’t think I’ve blogged this, but I originally made it for a christening last summer, which was cool but still church-appropriate. In recent months I’ve been wearing it to work and occasionally at the weekends.

3 Grainline Scout

Food: I’m obsessed with guacamole at the moment, so I whipped some up for wine and snacks on the roof. That’s Lake Union and downtown Seattle in the background. It’s a pretty sweet view.

Day Three: A super awkward pose in my stripy Grainline Scout tee. I’m a big fan of this one. Dead easy to throw on, goes with everything etc.

4 Colette Zinnia sparkly

Food: Chris made it up to me with a packet of peanut butter M&Ms.

Day Four: An as-yet-unblogged Colette Zinnia skirt. I finished this a couple of weeks ago and haven’t really had a chance to wear it till now as the weather has been awful. On the first really decent, warm day we’ve had, I was excited to take it out and wear it in the wild. But Chris decided that was the day to take my keys as well as his own, locking me in the house.

5 Sew Over It Alex shirt stars

Food: lamb pasanda at our local curry house.

Days Five and Six: I wore my Sew Over It Alex shirt two days in a row, mainly because I wore it out to dinner for about two hours, so it was clean enough for another day’s wear. I’m loving this shirt at the moment, mostly cos the fabric is awesome – light and airy, and funky AF as well (as funky as I get, anyway). More of these will be in my life soon!

7 Self drafted butterfly top

Food:  pulled pork burger, fries and a bottle of water as I’m watching my figure (ahem). I swear my diet usually contains some fruit and veg.

Day Seven: My self-drafted/copied Oasis top. I have plans for more of these, perhaps replacing the pleats with something else. It’s a useful basic top, especially under cardigans.

How’s your Me Made May going so far?

My last-minute Me Made May pledge

I, Jo of, sign up as a participant of Me Made May 2017. I endeavour to wear handmade clothes at least five days a week for the duration of May.

Hola! Just ducking in before the sign up deadline to say I’m taking part in Me Made May this year (check out the So Zo blog for the details on how to take part). I’ve stuck to the same pledge as 2016 as my work wardrobe is largely out of action while I wait for my US work permit so I’m limited to casual wear. I suppose I *could* wear my work clothes if I wanted to, but I’d much rather be comfortable. And anyway, I think sticking to five days of me-made casual clothes is a decent challenge for my current circumstances.

As a side challenge, and because I have a bit of time on my hands at the moment, I’m going to do something with the 2m of sand-washed silk I’ve had in my stash for a bit too long. Question is, what should I do with it? The current contenders are either a rather luxurious Alex shirt dress from the Sew Over It City Break e-book, or their pussybow blouse, both of which I have in PDF format… The dress would be for general wear, whereas the blouse would be more of an office-to-bar sort of thing, so wouldn’t get the immediate wear. I may be talking myself in to making the dress here – what do you guys think?!

My other hope for Me Made May is that I get back to blogging a bit more. I’ll try and do a MMM round up each week but I’ll also share some of my recent makes. I have the time; I should be writing.

Are you taking part in MMM this year? Are you using it as an excuse to get something done?

Me Made May round-up no. 3

It’s Wednesday, so it’s time for another Me Made May round up! We’re now more than halfway through the month and while I’m enjoying wearing clothes I’ve made myself, I am getting a bit bored with taking daily photos (and let’s face it, some of them this week are bloody awful). I’ll persist though, because I am learning stuff.

Anyway, here we go with this week’s outfits!

12th resize

Day 12: My favourite Grainline Scout. This was taken on an impromptu night out with my old team, hence the awful photo. It was fun though, good to catch up on the gossip.


Day 13: Copied RTW top in butterfly cotton lawn. I love this one – really comfortable and easy to wear. Still persisting with the blue though.


Day 14: My gold shoes! These still feel a little tight over the top of my feet, so I wore them around the house all day to try and stretch them a little bit. But gold shoes are always awesome.


Day 15: My nautical viscose Scout. Let’s see if I can wear all my Scouts at least once during the month. I make that four so far. Only three more to go (and is it bad that I can’t think what the other three are??)


Day 16: My green Zinnia. Look! Some colour!! I do like this skirt – it’s about two years old and by now, cost per wear must be in the pence I wear it that much. As one of my earlier makes it’s not great on the insides and it has a small tear next to the zip, so I will retire it soon, but I need to make a new one and soon.

Day 17: I didn’t manage a photo yesterday, but I wore my black and white gingham Grace dress. 


Day 18: My first repeat – my purple Anna dress, which has been through the wash since the bird poo incident.

Since last week and all that blue I have been making a conscious effort to wear more colour. However, it’s hard to wear colourful me-made clothes when all you seem to have is blue! Colour aside though, I think I’ve got a good mix of handmade and casual work clothes – I’m not struggling to find things to wear in the morning, but I am picking a few things up that I’d like to make again, whether that’s to revisit a pattern or replace a well-loved garment. The sewing list grows ever longer…

How’s your Me Made May going?



Me Made May round up no. 2

It’s Wednesday, so it’s time for another Me Made May round up! (FYI I’m trying to keep Sundays for finished garments and Wednesdays for general chat)


Day 5: My grey rayon Mathilde. I think I need to revisit this pattern – I noticed the darts are sitting a bit too high on my bust. This is my hipster pose on the streets of Kentish Town.

Day 6: You’ll have to take my word for it that I wore my white patterned Scout tee. I just forgot to get a photo.


Day 7: An unblogged Tilly and the Buttons Clemence skirt in floaty double gauze. Later on that day I would flash Tooting High Street, Marilyn style, thanks to a sudden gust of wind, but here I am in the queue for Sainsburys having done a big shop. BTW Margaret on the till is ace. She told me to say cheese and everything.


Day 8: My favourite of my Grace dresses – finally getting to wear it now that the sun’s out. This is Sunday’s BBQ and those are chicken kebabs.



Day 9: My Mortmain. If I make this again, I will also take a look at the darts. I should have done an FBA but didn’t bother at the time. Still a wearable dress and good for this warm weather. This was taken at the top of Parliament Hill at Hampstead Heath on my lunch hour, and that is Canary Wharf in the distance.

10th- resize

Day 10: My latest Zinnia taken while cooking a chicken and chorizo paella. I love this skirt. I also love that paella.


Day 11:  Blue Hollyburn. I like the shape of this skirt, but it’s been worn pretty regularly for two years now and the colour is starting to fade. Might be time to remake in something less washed out. Another kitchen shot – tonight’s tea is spinach and feta filo pie from Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals. It takes an hour, easily.

So what have I learned so far? Well, judging by these photos, I am definitely in my blue period. If it’s not denim or navy, I clearly don’t want to know! It certainly looks like I need a bit more colour in my life. I’ve been half-following Christine Haynes’ take on the Wardrobe Architect project which has a section on colour palette and I’m toying with the idea of doing it myself in time for this Autumn (not right now – a project like that needs a bit of attention and right now I’m focused on sewing my list and from my stash).

I’ve also noticed a couple of patterns that I still love, but need to revisit because they don’t fit as well as I’d like/the colour has faded/I just haven’t made it in a while. These tend to be clothes I wear all the time, so it’d definitely be worth the effort.

How about you? Has Me Made May provoked any flashes of enlightenment yet?









Me Made May round up and Walthamstow walkabout

Right. My first weekly Me Made May round up (only a few days early…). Let’s do this thing!

Petal side resize

Day 1: my petal sleeved Scout. This one was fresh off the machine that morning and of course I HAD TO WEAR IT STRAIGHT AWAY.


Day 2: chambray Cressida skirt. Despite having a productive day sorting out my stash, I didn’t actually get dressed till about 5pm when I decided to go out for a walk. I got halfway down the street and had to come back. Anyway, still love this skirt cos it’s awesome.


Day 3: silk top copied from RTW. This one’s holding up well – nary a crease in sight all day!


Day 4: I can assure you that this is my most recent Anna dress. Unfortunately while out for my lunchtime walk a bird crapped on me, rendering the dress less than presentable. It leads me to think: what makes a garment lucky? Is it because something good tends to happen when you wear it, or does it become lucky because it features something lucky e.g. horseshoes, or in my case, bird poo? Either way, I’m buying a lottery ticket.

Walthamstow meet-up

Before Me Made May had even started, I joined a lovely bunch of ladies from the Fold Line for a fabric shopping trip to Walthamstow market. The day was organised by Kristy of Scientific Sewing and was so popular that 20 people showed up! It was great to catch up with people I’d met at other meet ups and/or sewing classes, and to chat with new people. Everyone was really friendly and talkative and we all had a good natter over lunch in the Chequers pub on the high street.

I’d never been Walthamstow for the market before, but I’d heard good things about the range and the prices. With the stash diet in mind, I went with a £30 budget and a list. And I mostly (mostly!) stuck to it.

Gingham square

Seersucker gingham for an Archer shirt


The famous Man Outside Sainsburys really lived up to the hype. He had the best selection of fabric on a single stall and was an effective salesman too – quick to point out that the sand washed silk I picked up (£7 per metre, destined to become a kimono and possibly a Sorbetto/self drafted top) came in several other colours and some recommendations for washing it. . I bought that silk and then wandered off to visit more stalls, but I went back for more, coming away with some gingham seersucker which will likely become a Grainline Archer shirt.

Silk square

Despite the crappy picture, this silk is beautiful.

I had a lovely afternoon, and I’m happy that I came away with some lovely fabric AND change from my budget. Definitely worth making a trip across town, now I just have to sew it all up!

Birds square

Birdy chiffon. £3 per metre. BOOM.

Border print square

This lovely border print is destined to become a fit n’ flare dress for one of those many weddings

Let’s have an interim review (and a Me Made May pledge)!

Hola! Now that we’re a few months into 2016, it’s probably a good time to take a look at how I’m getting on with my New Year’s resolutions. Did I set myself up for a fail, or am I bossing them like a true achiever? Let’s have an interim review!

My sewing resolution was to clear my fabric stash out. So far I don’t think I’m doing too badly. I certainly haven’t bought anywhere near as much fabric as I normally have by this time of year, and I’ve been steadily sewing through what I already have in. I’ve relaxed my rules a little bit – I don’t buy party-type fabrics impulsively, and with five weddings this year I do need at least a few outfits (with some recycling – Facebook pics be damned!).

The only time I’ve broken this resolution has been a piece of cotton lawn when I went on a fabric meet up with some lovely Fold Line users a couple of months back. I set myself a strict budget, which was primarily for wedding outfit fabric, so really, that cotton lawn was a bonus for being really good (ahem). It’ll be a sleeveless Sew Over It vintage shirt dress come summer. There’s another meet up at Walthamstow market at the end of the month, and I’ll be making sure I don’t go nuts at that either.

Cotton lawn - resolution breaker

This fabric made me break a resolution!

Elsewhere, I’m doing well with flossing my teeth, managing to do it most nights before bed. My dentist will be proud. I’ve been rubbish at preparing my lunch though. I just about manage to grab some fruit and yoghurts and things before I leave the house in the morning, but never anything more. Need to get that one sorted, cos really, it’s just laziness on my part.

My Me Made May pledge

In other news, it’s nearly time for Me Made May! I enjoyed taking part last year, and I learned a lot from it (separates rather than dresses etc), so I’m excited to be joining in again in 2016. Here’s my pledge:

I, Jo of Stuff Jo Has Made (WordPress/Instagram), sign up as a participant of Me Made May ’16. I endeavour to wear at least one item of me-made clothing for five days out of seven for the duration of May 2016. I will also endeavour to complete the Sew Over It Francine jacket that has been shamefully sitting in my UFO pile for too long.

I’m really looking forward to this one – lately I’ve been making clothes that I really enjoy wearing, so it should be fun. Can’t wait to see what everyone else wears and maybe discover some new blogs too! I’ll be following and contributing to the hashtag on Instagram (#MMMay16) and hopefully doing some weekly round up posts on here (though those fell by the wayside last year – mainly due to a lack of a photographer).

Yay, joining in!

Me Made May – week one

Soooo… we’ve come to the end of the first week of Me Made May. I only committed to wearing handmade garments for four days out of seven, so my round up is going to be quite quick! With some bad photos! Yaaaaay!


Saturday: Tilly and the Buttons Mimi blouse and Jennifer Lauren Vintage Cressida skirt. Two garments I absolutely love, so why not put them together?


Sunday: You might not be able to tell from this picture, but that’s one of my recent Grainline Scout t-shirts. And my lunch. I was starving by that point in the day.


Tuesday: My zigzag Scout. That background is the entrance to the kitchen at work.


Thursday: I cast my vote in my Colette Zinnia skirt.

I can’t say I’ve learned a great deal through this exercise so far, but then we’re only a week in. A lot of my handmade clothes straddle the boundary between work and leisure, so I have a good selection to choose from on a day to day basis. What will be telling will be the repeats – what I actually want to wear versus what’s sitting in my wardrobe. It might just be the basis of a cull!