Stuff I’ve actually made!

When I first started this blog it made sense to me to have a gallery of all the things I’ve made on a single page. I’ve made so much now that it makes more sense to sort them into categories. Click the links below to see what I’ve made since 2013!

Alternatively, you could take see all the posts in a particular category by using the search in the sidebar on the front page, but you’re here now so where’s the fun in that?


I love a good frock, and here are all the dresses I’ve ever made, including my wedding dress!

Trousers, shorts and pjs

Pants! Bottoms! Kecks! I haven’t made a lot of trousers, so everything that includes some sort of pants is lumped onto this page.


When I was a teenager people made fun of me for the amount of tops I had. It’s a love affair I haven’t quite got over.


I used to think I was all about the dresses. Wrong. Separates FTW. Here are my skirts!


If my friends aren’t getting married, they’re having babies. Sounds like an excuse to get crafting.


Occasionally I’ll take a break from dressmaking to whip up something to make the house look pretty.

General craft

Sometimes I make things that don’t quite fit into a neat category. Here’s a mish-mash of random stuff I’ve made.

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